September 24th, 2006, 12:35 am


I went to go see JACKASS: The Second or something like that today with my boyfriend and a friend of ours Arex. It was freakin' AWESOME. Go see it. Then wear a helmet if you try to repeat that shit like an idiot. ^.^;;

Wow, I went a long time without updating the news thing. Well, so far the comics going good. I realized I have a lot less toned then I thought. x_X Toning is always the worst part for me...

Anyway, I've changed the update schedule, lol. I did this actually like a week ago. Instead of auto-updating every day at 12:00AM, it updates everyday at 2:00PM.

I've also realized I got more than 1000 hits. SOOOO I made this cute picture of the girls. Oh, love.

I'm happy I've got some fans and that people like the comic! Thankyou everyone who commented and stuff. Comments are really supportive and show me what people like and don't like. It's nice to know if someone likes Carrie, for example, and if someone hates her. She's supposed to be kinda that preppy bitch in High School you always hated. The mean popular girl one can say, lol. So the feedback, good or bad is great! Thanks again everyone!

I'll continue to draw my webcomic and do my best!


Teresa (Guest),

Wow! 1000 hits good job. I wish i could do inking the way you do on the computer but I'm a loser who can barely draw. I envy you.


how do you know that you got over 1000 hits? Howo you look to see how many people looked athe manga

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